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"Galatropis takes the best and puts it all together in one incredible experience, and it's free! Build anywhere, do anything - finally, a world with no limits"

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GalaTropis - FAQ
Find answers to frequently asked questions right here!

When Will Galatropis Be Released?
We're expecting to release Galatropis officially before the end of 2016.

What Does Galatropis Cost?
It's free to play! We don't have adverts on our service (and we're not planning on ever having them) and instead have membership available which provides players with more features.

Can Somebody Destroy The Stuff I Build?
No, they can't. A building may get temporarily damaged, but it's never permanent unless you erase in buildmode. Some planets however, known as hardcore or wild planets by the locals, are out of range and are not protected by the UA. On these planets, damage is permanent.

When Did You Start Making Galatropis?
Galatropis has been on and off in development since the 21st of December, 2009, but the main ideas have always been the same. The reason it's been on and off is because Luke Briggs, the only developer at the time, was in school and University. He dropped out a little over a year into a Computer Science course to grow Kulestar and work on things like Galatropis.

I'm A Developer Or Someone Who Wants Galatropis Data. Can I Do That?
Sure! Galatropis has an API - that's an Application Programming Interface, which allows you guys to pull information directly from the games services.


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